What could be more idyllic than sitting on your own private terrace, stretched out on a comfortable lounger, watching the sun set over the sea or waking up by the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves?  Would you like to spend your holidays in villa Croatia near the most beautiful beaches?When looking for an accommodation for a dream vacation, nothing beats the luxury, privacy, and comforts of an beachfront  luxury villa.

  Benefits of choosing beachfront villa Croatia

Luxury beachront villas are particularly interesting as these  are mainly situated on perfect locations, and they offer everything the guests need and want. The rich offer of villas at the seaside with the inevitable private pool, comfortable rooms and well equipped kitchen also includes other facilities that promise relaxation for whatever you like - Jacuzzi, gym, sauna. The properties are mostly   fully enclosed which guarantees complete privacy even if the first neighbors are located nearby.

These airy and spacious villas, bathed in sunshine throughout the day, often have spectacular view of the Adriatic Sea, the islands and the unspoiled Mediterranean nature from every room, giving the sense of ease and freedom, which makes them a perfect holiday home. There is a special pleasure in spending your vacation in one of the beachfront villa Croatia and waking up to some of the most glorious sights Croatia can offer.

Beachfront vila Croatia are only 50m airline away from the sea and it is excactly  this category of accommodation that is mostly requested among all guests. Croatian coast is a very long coast, and in many locations you can find a real little oasis villas located by the beach that provide a unique experience - the opportunity  to leave the house and simply dive into  beautiful crystal clear Adratic sea.

  Why Croatia?

Except that Croatia is a country with Mediterranean climate, 2000 kilometers of coastline and 1244 beautiful islands and also a country very rich  in cultural heritage and exceptional historical architecture, one of the reasons for Croatia’s popularity is the fact that visitors can stay in luxury  villas located right on the beach at reasonable prices. Such a premium position often comes at a much higher cost in other Mediterranean destinations for similar private vilas.

Most visitors think that this is a budget unreachable type of holiday, but the reality is that the number of luxury holiday villa in Croatia are multiplying every year, and  to stay in competition with the big number of  new objects that are growing in numbers, the older ones are getting refurnished and offer a grat price decrease.

Beachfront villa Croatia usually have higher price per night rather than properties around them. Naturally, there are various factors that impact the value of villas, such as the size of the villa, its present condition, the view it offers, the beach it faces, etc.

Luxury private villa Croatia with astounding wiew are not necessarily located near a beach. The rural parts of Istria or Dalmatia also offer breathtaking  sights at vineyards and olive groves, hilltop towns or mountains. However, if you would like to spend the holiday near the beautiful blue Adriatic sea, take a look at our offer of luxury villa Croatia and for sure you will find a villa that suits your taste.