Struggling with decisions on where to spend your precious holiday? Private Villa with Pool or Hotel? Even the most luxurious hotel will never be able to give you the sense of freedom you get by staying at private villa where you you decide the pace and plan for each day and you are a master of your own holiday

Value for money

At first glance, Villa with Pool may seem like an expensive option but if you’re on a holiday with your family or travelling with a group of friends then chances are it’ll be more cost effective than booking multiple hotel rooms in a luxury hotel. Private villas in Croatia offer the best value for money of all accommodations in Croatia.

In a 4 – star hotel, for instance, it would be very difficult  to find a double room in a 4-star hotel for less than 250€ in summer. If you have kids, the price goes up because  if you want to book a suite or a proper family room  prepare to pay as much as 600€ per day.

The price for a daily rental in high season is somewhere between 320 to 500 € a day, for a 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom villa. It might seem expensive at first, but don’t forget to count its full capacity, along with a luxury it provides.  Prices for villas in Croatia are calculated per day per villa, regardless of number of people who rent, as long at that number doesn’t exceed the maximum occupancy.

The daily rental of a villa depends on a size of a villa and its premises, location, a level of comfort and luxury  and season (prices are the highest in July and August).


The luxury of space, privacy and amenities  in villa vs a hotel

Luxury villas for rent in Croatia offer many advantages over hotels, apartments, or other type of accommodation. They are especially good fit for large families, or group of friends. They are spacious and offer privacy, relaxation and serenity. Outdoor space usually includes covered terraces, and a garden with private pool. Majority of villas have a rural location, a bit away from tourist resorts and the sea. Istria has the largest choice of villas for rent. In the last years Dalmatia is catching up, as well as islands.  Private villas with pools aren’t restricted only to the most popular turistic cities where You can find most of luxury hotels in Croatia. This is a great advantage because there is a greater possibility of choosing a preferred destination.

Hotel spaces are the complete opposite of our villas. They are often crammed with other guests competing for a lounger by the pool or a decent bar seat for a coffee. If you feel like reading a book in the shadow by the pool all by yourself, worry not – if you decide to spend your holiday in Villa with Pool you can use the big outdor area and where You can relax and  lounge by your own pool and have a cool, refreshing dip when you need to and  you won’t be bothered by hundreds of other guests.

When you rent your own Villa with pool, you have a whole space to yourselves. Today many villas have  large living rooms with flat-screen TV, designer furniture, free WiFi, swimming pool, BBQ facilities, en-suite bathrooms and fully-equipped kitchen. No need to worry if you miss breakfast or dinner – you will have freedom of making your own schedule. In addition, some villas in Croatia come with gym, indoor swimming pool and sauna. And the best thing is, unlike the hotel, you never have to wait in line.

Luxury have been carefully designed around the  comfort and convenience of the guests. Private villa may not have a spa or sommelier, but many villas offer a level of service that can challenge the top hotels. From personal butlers to private chefs, housekeeper to drivers, your villa's staff are there to take care of only you.

Also, lots of luxury villas in Croatia also provide basic entertainment for kids like trampoline, a selection of board games, table soccer, game console, and alike.

Hotels offer minimal privacy and can be very noisy and  most people will not have the same schedules or sleeping patterns with you. Instead of having a relaxed holiday, you will end up going home more tired than when you started your vacation. The growing trend towards private luxury villa vacations is not surprising when you consider how important the rest and recharge aspect of any holiday is. Relaxing in your private Villa with Pool is a completely different type of holiday, it is – a lifestyle!