Dreaming of a high class vacation? In travel guides and magazines we read all the time about a magnificent villa with stunning architecture and breathtaking view in a vacation in historic and exotic places. Maybe a luxurious villa will be your best choice for your next vacation.

The first thing that you think of by picturing a perfect holiday in luxurious environment is a beautiful modern environment with a stunning view from a infinity pool with a cocktail in your hands. The warm summer evening breeze cooling on the balcony with the smell of the sea and the Mediterranean vegetation.

Historic stone walls in an rustic villa perfect for the romantic ones are designed in best taste for a fair price. It makes the Croatian coast so special, as it blooms in historical monuments that are transformed to heritage touristic objects.  If you are interested in that kind of vacation, a stunning villa on the Croatian coast would be the perfect choice for your dream vacation.

Beachfront Villa – the modern wonder of architecture

Every year the choice of luxurious accommodations is getting bigger by the day. Renting a Villa is getting more affordable and many of them have never been visited before, newly built objects with the smell of brand new furniture for an affordable price. The Owner of the villa will do its best to organize everything that you need in your vacation.

Massage, excursion, an exquisite Chef, a service to tend all your needs. The villa is modernly designed by interior designers by the latest fashion, the furniture is in best quality. The best attributes of the villa are expressed in the architecture of the accommodation, stunning view form the infinity pool or with large windows from the living room that give a spectacular sensation of the environment.

Private Gyms, Saunas, Jacuzzi, Indoor pool for the whole season experience and the Spa corner. Newly built modern villa has it all. For the ones that love recreation in the vacation time there are tennis fields, mini golf, basketball and small soccer fields in the offer of the courtyard of the villa. Gallery is beginning to be an infallible part of the house, with various gaming consoles, table tennis, darts and family games. A modern villa would be the best choice for pampering in luxury.

Countryside Villa – The romantic fairytale

The romance of a rustic villa is a choice where you cannot make a vacation choice mistake. This kind of villa is mostly a restored historic building, which space is used maximally and in most practical way to give you that special experience. More and more weddings are taking place in a stone built villa designed in a way to take you back in time. It is more difficult to designee the interior for such a villa than for a modern one. It must be tasteful, with a contemporary touch and still preserve the historical spirit of the villa.

Equipped with beautiful wine cellars, family dining table by the grill, beautiful pools on the estate, but still making you feel like a royalty on your vacation. Many guests search for a villa in secluded area, where they can have their own privacy and relax undisturbed. Beautiful nature, playgrounds for the children, basketball and football grounds, Sauna, Spa, Jacuzzi.

These villas are no different as any other modern villa by equipment for the best vacation. A romantic villa is a perfect combination of modern equipment and history, what makes her suitable for special occasions like weddings, honeymoons and family travels. Surrounded with greenery and a natural landscape, a romantic countryside villa just might be the vacation that you have been longing for.