Villas in Europe with private Pools

In the search for a luxurious villa for hedonistic vacationing across Europe, various aspects play an important part. Location, views, sauna, whirlpool, gym, different entertainment amenities are taken into consideration while hunting for the perfect accommodation. However, it is safe to say that one amenity rises above all the listed items on the luxury check-list… the first one to be ticked off, an indispensable classic – the pool.

The number of villas in Europe with private pools grows with each passing year in line with the growing demand for luxury holiday accommodation. This, in turn, in an extremely rich and interesting offer of exclusive villas available in almost every corner of Europe from remote locations, picturesque villages to small towns and bustling centers of major tourist cities.

Villa owners strive to one up each other by making the offer of their rental accommodation as original as possible thus ensuring that the occupancy of their own villa reaches its maximum each season. Therefore, we encounter different variations of the luxury vacation offer of which the pool is always an integral part. At the same time, modifications to the classic pool are becoming increasingly popular in the last decade.

Villas in Europe with private Pools – outdoors

A large pool in the courtyard of a villa has always been an eye-catcher as well as the one thing that can easily make you choose one villa over the other. Regardless of the location of the villa, refreshing yourself in the pool at any time of the day is a luxury one can only wish for. In addition, if the pool provides a view of untouched nature and its beauty such as of an ocean, sea, river, mountains or islands… it really does not leave much to be desired. 

Of course, a pool is much more than just a hole in the floor filled with water. Alongside the essentials such as lighting and stairs for easy and comfortable access, the offer of the pool can include underwater benches, waterfalls, built-in whirlpools, counter-current swimming equipment as well as both a heating and cooling option. Not the mention the sheer beauty of infinity pools, with water flowing over its edges creating a stunning visual effect of water without boundaries.

Furthermore, to ensure that all guests are given an opportunity to enjoy themselves, regardless of age, children's pools have practically become an indispensable addition to any outdoor pool. This way, the youngest guests can play in the water safely under the watchful eye of the parents.

Villas in Europe with private Pools – indoors

More recently, owners have begun adding indoor pools to the offer of their vacation rental in addition to the standard outdoor pools. Alongside the fact that indoor pools add to the luxury and exclusivity of a villa, there are various reasons why they are so attractive to people. For the sake of this blog, we will mention two:

Firstly, be it rain or shine, an indoor pool is always a great option. If you simply don’t want to face the outdoor world for a day, you don’t have to give up the luxury of enjoying a swim or doing laps for daily recreation. You can do it in the comfort of your (rental) home.

Secondly, a heated indoor pool presents a much better option that a heated outdoor pool. As the water temperature depends on the outside temperature and weather conditions, an indoor pool enables you to book a house during the winter months as well, without having to give up on all the swimming pool fun!

Villas in Europe with private Pools – on rooftops

Finally, representing the pinnacle of luxury, rooftop pools have become all the rage.  Bathing on the rooftop of a magnificent villa during the morning hours under clear sky and crisp air, sunbathing during the warm hours of a long summer day or floating on the surface of the water while watching the starry night sky, is the stuff dreams are made of. 

Rooftop infinity pools overlooking stunning scenery will provide you with an unparalleled and unforgettable experience as well as with an opportunity to take gorgeous photos that will keep your memories safe. 

Whichever you ultimately choose for your next vacation, we are sure you will enjoy the impressive offer of villas in Europe with private pools with the outdoor, indoor or rooftop pool as the icing on the cake of your luxurious, exclusive and hedonistic holiday.