Brač is a famous Croatian island, interesting for families with small children, planning a vacation, adventurers, nature lovers, in short everyone who will be able to find something for themselves. The Zlatni rat beach, near the town of Bol, is especially famous. Should we even mention that this beach is one of the 10 most beautiful in the world? Book your villas on Brač and enjoy the diversity that the largest Dalmatian island offers you.

The island's connection with the mainland

The good connection between Brač and the city of Split and the mainland is made possible by regular ferry connections from Supetar. It only takes about 50 minutes to reach the island of Brač. It is also possible to travel from Makarska to Sumartin. This island is one of the two in Croatia to have an airport. In this way, getting to your villas on Brač will be even easier.

Villas on Brač - the historic name of the island and its diversity

The name of the island probably dates from the time when the Illyrian tribes - brentos - lived there. The name Brač itself comes from Illyrian-brentos which means deer, and it is proof that the deer were living on this island at the Kopačina cave.

Finding limestone on Brač was important for building amphitheatres, palaces and temples. It is interesting to point out that the stone from Brač was used even during the construction of the White House in Washington, Diocletian's Palace in Split, and also in the construction of sacral buildings in the cities of Šibenik and Trogir. The quarry itself is located in Pućišća.

Geographical location - The island area is 395 km2 large and the 170 km2 make the beaches. The population is mainly engaged in fishing, viticulture and olive growing. If you want to learn more about the history of the island, you can visit the Island of Brač Museum. Brač also has the highest point of 778 meters above sea level called Vidova gora, which is also the highest point on all Dalmatian islands. From this place there is a beautiful view of the beach, the island of Hvar, and if the weather is good you can see Italy.

Famous tennis players also visit Zlatni Rat. Bol has been hosting the WTA Croatia Open Bol for four years now, which has exceptional touristical and sports value for this island.

Historical development of museums on the island - Also worth mentioning is the monastery / museum of the Blaca Desert, located on the southern side of the island, between Milna and Bol. The Blaca Desert was founded by Glagolitic poljički priests, who had just fled to the Turks in the 16th century. At the outset, the hermits engaged in agriculture, and later, over time, a monastery and church were built. The priests lived and operated here for the 4th century and the tradition was extinguished when the last warden of 1963 died.

Dalmatian dishes - After choosing a villa on Brač, you must discover the charms of their restaurants. During the stay on the island you should definitely try the lamb of Brač. What makes this meat so delicious is the livestock farming in the pastures and the fact that there are over 100 varieties of medicinal herbs on the island that graze during life. Smutica beverage, which is made by mixing fresh goat's milk and red wine is an indispensable drink, one of the specialties of the island dating back to antiquity.

Small places on this Dalmatian island


In this most famous island town, the ancient Romans built villae rusticae. Imagine how beautiful today are the newly built or renovated - old villas on Brač. The sandy beach is half a kilometer long. Bol is especially appealing to boaters because of the ability to sail. The interesting thing about this beach is that due to certain weather conditions it can change shape. Other activities are diving and tennis, and there are many fitness centers. The gastronomic delicacies are served by a range of Dalmatian restaurants.


Supetar is a town on the island of Brač, which has a historical and cultural heritage from Roman times. In addition to the villae rusticae, the Church of the Annunciation of the 18th Century is a particularly beautiful sight. A series of fun events will appeal to all generations. Here you can choose authentic villas on Brač for accommodation.

Škrip is a village where you can find the Museum of Olive Oils, also the oldest place on the island of Brač. A place where you will get to know the history of olive growing on the island of Brač, and the family tradition dating back to 1864, what was the traditional processing process and what tools were used in the 19th and 20th centuries. What is special about the museum is a tasting room where you can try and buy olive oil from the Krstulović family. This museum is only 10 minutes away from Supetar.


Not far from Sutivan is the eponymous Nature Park. For fans of extreme sports, the "vanka regula" festival is organized once a year.


Postire is a traditional fishing village with beautiful bays. The Church of John the Baptist is located on Glavica Hill.


Milna has been the most important nautical port since the time of boaters. For this reason, two marinas were also built. At the entrance to this place is the small island Mrduja. It is extremely important to emphasize that as a harbor it is protected, and the first Dalmatian and a ship known as the bracer was made here.


The homes have kept the stone-masonry school to this day, which also attracts visitors in the summer. This somewhat quieter place on the island will surely amaze you with the International Summer Music School, the Brač Summer Music Festival and the Pučiš Cultural Summer. You can also bike here in the summer.

The hosts on this beautiful island are families with a long tradition of working in tourism. No matter which villas on Brač attract your attention, they will surely inform you of all the activities that are offered to you. When you take a break from sunbathing and bathing, you must also try what the master chefs at the restaurants can prepare.

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