Villas in Medulin and its surroundings attract many tourists and their families to spend their vacation there. Whether you are looking for a peaceful family vacation or a dynamic holiday full of sports, Medulin has something to offer you.

Where are the villas in Medulin and its surroundings located?

In the past villas in Medulin were located in the area of the Vižula peninsula. This place in Roman times exuded the luxury of living, rest and relaxation of its inhabitants and visitors. The discovery of an ancient villa gave this place an international dimension. It was considered to be one of the most beautiful, most impressive, most monumental and most luxurious villas of the Roman imperial times on this side of the Adriatic. Today, Vižula is an archeological park open to visitors. It provides visitors with a touch of the past, as well as numerous activities, and you will leave from there enriched with a new experience.

Today, the villas in Medulin and around it are mostly concentrated around the cities of Pula, Ližnjan, Banjole and Fažana. Pula is the city with the highest concentration of luxury villas in this area. However, guests who want a little more peace will choose villas in Medulin and take daily or half-day trips to Pula. Pula is only a 15-minute drive from Medulin. Banjole is a place long known for its fishing tradition, so in this place besides luxury villas you will find a large number of excellent seafood restaurants. In the past, Fažana was one of the main areas for the production of olive oil, wine and amphorae, but it also served as the main port for their export. Fažana is still known today as a starting point for visiting the Croatian National Park Brijuni. Ližnjan is a place that besides great villas also has great beaches for enjoying and swimming. Some of these beaches are Duga Uvala Šegotići Beach, Uvala Budava Beach, Vinjole Beach and Uvala Kale Beach.

Which cities in the area should you visit?

In this area of Istria there are a really large number of cities and towns that have a lot of sights and are worth a visit during your vacation in Medulin. Nearby points of interest include Opatija, Pula, and Rovinj.

Opatija is 100 km away from Medulin, but it is definitely worth a visit. The day in Opatija should be well planned, because there are so many attractions and sights that you will make you want to stay there longer. The Lungomare Promenade is one of the most famous 12 km long promenades in this part of Europe. This promenade has become synonymous for the city of Opatija, and along your walk you will see many historical attractions, monuments, famous Opatija villas. Volosko is a place on the Opatija Riviera that you should not miss. Volosko used to be a well-known fishing village, full of restaurants with excellent seafood and fish specialties. This small coastal town has a special energy, and the view of the open Adriatic Sea is breathless.

Pula is only 10 kilometers away from Medulin. Guests who visit villas in Medulin and its surroundings will not miss this special Croatian town on their vacation. Arena Pula is the most famous and visited historical landmark in this city, thanks to which the city itself is recognized all over the world. It is one of the most preserved, but the largest Roman amphitheaters, where many famous events and concerts of famous performers are held today. One of the most significant events that take place in this famous landmark is the Pula Film Festival, which is the oldest film festival in Croatia.

Rovinj is a famous small town that you will come across if you head north, about 45 kilometers from Medulin. Rovinj, along with the city of Poreč, represent the main tourist destinations in Istria. This small town is located on the peninsula, and until the second half of the 19th century it represented the largest port on the western coast of Istria. The old part of this city is surrounded by walls and there are myriad small streets and it will take you back to some past times. Due to its history, the old part of the city has been declared a cultural monument. The Church of St. Euphemia is the largest monument in the city. The bell tower of this church offers a beautiful view of the whole city and its surroundings. Rovinj is known for its indented coast, full of rocks and pebble bays. Some of the more famous pebble beaches in Rovinj are Uvala Lone, Golden Cape, Uvala Cisterna, Cape Guštinja, Moulin Rouge and many others. Whether you are visiting villas in Medulin, Opatija or Pula, this city should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

Activities and sports in Medulin

Fans of sports and sport activities are happy to stay in this city because of its rich sports content. Thus, Medulin has become a favorite center for sports training throughout the year. And sports lovers can enjoy a wide variety of sports such as football, tennis, horseback riding, sailing, miniature golf, bowling, beach volleyball, diving and all other water sports. Also guests who visit villas in Medulin are happy to indulge in these sporting adventures.

Diving - Medulin Riviera is an extraordinary area for this sport, because in addition to its exceptionally rich flora and fauna, it also has a large number of sunken boats, which are a real treat for diving enthusiasts. There are a number of diving centers in the area to help you decide on this adventure.

Sailing - For an escape from reality and true enjoyment, you can sail along the islands of the Medulin archipelago, along the numerous bays and bays of Kamenjak. If you do not have your own equipment, there are two marinas that offer you mooring services, rent a sailboat or yacht, as well as other services related to this sport.

Tennis - This sport is very popular in this area, at any time of the year. Numerous earth and concrete tennis courts are located near the coast of Medulin, so this sport provides one true marine experience. Because of this atmosphere, guests who visit apartments and villas in Medulin are very happy to enjoy this "white sport".

Other sports at sea - With the help of sports equipment that you can rent on the beaches of Medulin, you can experience the area and the beautiful coast and the sea in a special way. Whether you decide to rent a boat, Jet Ski, banana boat ride or popular parasailing, Medulin Riviera will surely win you over.

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