Beautiful rustic and modern villas in Pelješac are one of the important reasons why guests from all over the world visit this peninsula. Pelješac is also a favorite destination for delicacy fans, because of its well-known and recognized varieties of wines and oysters.

Villas in Pelješac

Pelješac peninsula with its offer of villas and other accommodation will satisfy all its guests and visitors. On the peninsula you can find a large villa with a private pool, with six or seven bedrooms, for a relaxing holiday with family and friends. If you want a quiet and romantic holiday, villas in Pelješac in one of the secluded bays will be an ideal choice for you. Many of the villas are located in the immediate vicinity of the sea and give you the magnificent view of the open sea, relaxation for the mind and body that you will not forget for sure. Staying in a villa on this exceptional peninsula will add to the overall impression of this Dalmatian region, which boasts a wealth of nature and superb gastronomic offer.

A large number of visitors will be attracted by the beauty of the numerous beautiful pebbly and sandy beaches, as well as the hidden coves with crystal clear sea. In addition, staying in Pelješac is an excellent starting point for sightseeing in the surrounding towns and islands. A visit to Korcula, Mljet and Dubrovnik, which are about an hour away by speedboat, will be the perfect choice for a day trip.

Sandy and pebble beaches, bays and of the fairytale Pelješac archipelago are ideal for families with children. They will especially like the pleasant pebbles on the beaches of Orebić, Žuljana, Trstenica, or in Blace Bay near Trpanj, which also has healing mud. For those who want a little more active vacation, they can enjoy the places of Viganj and Kučište, which are world famous winsdurfing and kitesurfing destinations. Visitors of the peninsula, as well as guests, who visit villas in Pelješac, can also explore the seaside, play beach volleyball, water ski, and many other water and fun activities.

Places to visit in Pelješac

  1. Ston is a small town located at the very entrance of the peninsula, which is said to be located at the "gate of Pelješac". Ston also houses the largest stone wall in Europe, also called the "European Wall of China". This complex connects several fortresses, about 40 towers and seven bastions. Ston also houses the oldest and largest salt works in Europe. The Bay of Mali Ston, known for its shellfish farming, especially oysters, is an indispensable destination for true gourmets and seafood lovers. For lovers of fresh fish and other seafood specialties, there is a quality and large selection of well-known restaurants whose doors will always be open to you. Visitors to the adventurous spirit are offered the option of taking a boat to the oyster farm and tasting this natural aphrodisiac directly from the sea. You can complement your gastronomic experience with the world-famous wines of the Peljesac wine region, Dingač and Postup, originating from the Mali Plavac grape variety. Guests who visit the villas in Pelješac and in Ston often go to concerts and exhibitions, which are often organized in this town, especially in summertime.
  2. Orebić is the largest settlement on the southern coast of the peninsula. Orebić was once a famous seamen town, home to captains and seafarers. The memories of the city from those past times can be seen in the Maritime Museum located in the city center. Wandering the streets of Orebić, you will also come across the old houses of former captains. Today Orebić is an important ferry port connecting the Pelješac peninsula to the island of Korcula. Trstenica beach stands out from the beaches in Orebić, and there are good nightclubs and bars for all visitors who want to enjoy the night life while on their vacation.
  3. Viganj is a small town with a population of 300, located a few kilometers west of Orebić. Viganj and the Pelješac canal are full of wind maestral and therefore this area is extremely popular for windsurfing and kitesurfing. For this reason, Viganj and the Peljesac canal have hosted several European and world championships of these adrenaline sports. Although Viganj is an active holiday destination, this secluded place provides you with a peaceful and relaxing holiday in a natural setting, even in the most visited summer months. The mild climate and warm Mediterranean sun give the residents and visitors of this place even 260 sunny days in one year.
  4. Trpanj is a place located on the northern side of the peninsula that has been inhabited since ancient times. In the mid-20th century, Roman remains of Villa Rustica were found there. Trpanj has especially beautiful, mostly pebbly beaches, often visited by swimmers who visit villas in Pelješac, as well as visitors from more remote tourist sites located on the peninsula. On all the beaches and swimming areas, except the sun, you can also enjoy the shade of pines, palm trees, tamaris trees and other Mediterranean vegetation. In Trpanj, children can play water polo in the summer, and there is even a beginner swimming school.

Choosing villas in Pelješac or its surroundings gives you an exceptional opportunity to explore more than interesting places on the peninsula, but also in the surrounding area. From excursions in the surroundings, we definitely recommend daily excursions and a visit to Dubrovnik, the island of Korčula and a visit to the Mljet National Park.

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