Booking one of our luxury villas in Zadar will be your starting point for a holiday full of unforgettable experiences. The city’s rich cultural heritage, beautiful nature and location by the sea will cater for a wide range of tastes. In addition, Zadar’s warm springs, hot summers, and mild autumns and winters enable you to visit it all year round. Rumour also has it that Alfred Hitchcock was so amazed by Zadar’s sunset that he named it the most beautiful sunset in the Mediterranean. Book one of our villas in Zadar and experience it yourself.

Our villas in Zadar are as gorgeous as the city itself

Zadar is an ancient city whose history stretches back many centuries. With our selection of villas, we want our guests to experience this rich heritage whilst enjoying the comforts of modern luxury. Whether you’d rather breathe in the sea air on the coast or listen to the birds sing in the countryside, there is a villa for you.  Of course, if you’d rather swim in the privacy of your own backyard than in the sea, you can also take a look at our Zadar villas with a pool.

Explore the surroundings of your Zadar villa

We understand if you’d rather spend your whole holiday relaxing at your luxurious villa, but we do recommend you step out of its comforts and explore the city and beautiful nature surrounding it. Zadar sits on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, protected from the other side by the Velebit mountains. This combination creates a gorgeous and versatile backdrop for a dream vacation.

Get mesmerized by the historical city

Centuries of different rulers have shaped the city and formed its cultural and intellectual heritage. In Zadar you will find works by artists and builders who lived in this beautiful city and found the inspiration for their creations there. History-buffs will also rejoice in walking through the city’s narrow streets. Make sure to visit at least the following popular attractions:

  • The Roman Forum
  • The Church of St. Donatus
  • The Cathedral of St. Anastasia
  • The sea organ, playing music by the sea waves
  • The Citadel

After sightseeing all day, you can put your feet up and enjoy a refreshing hot or a cold drink at one of the many cafés. And when your stomach starts to rumble, let the local restaurants’ chefs show their cooking skills. Walk off your fabulous meal by strolling along the coastline’s promenade, watching the sunset and breathing in the scent of the sea and pine trees. In the morning you can visit the City Market for some local delicacies for your lunch at your Zadar villa.

Discover the national parks

Renting a Zadar villa will take you to the doorstep of its many national parks, where you can enjoy hiking and the calming effects of nature. For example, the nearby Paklenica National Park is easy to reach, and it has a gorgeous view of the mountain Velebit. Another beautiful park is the Krka National Park, located 76 km from Zadar. Even from a distance its gorgeous waterfalls and lakes make the park well worth a visit.

If you want to walk in the footsteps of Winnetou, head to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. This unique natural phenomenon is even on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. I If you prefer to be by the water, book an excursion to the Kornati National Park, situated on the Kornati islands. They consist of a labyrinth of 89 islands and islets, offering a unique experience not to be missed.

Breath in the sea air on the islands

While we’re on the topic of islands, when visiting Zadar, you can’t skip a visit to some of the islands just in front the city, such as:

  • Ugljan
  • Rivanj
  • Sestrunj
  • Dugi otok

The island of Ugljan is directly opposite the city and only a 20-minute ferry ride away. It is connected to another island called Pašman via a bridge, so it’s convenient to visit both on the same trip. From Ugljan you can access many other islands via boat as well and discover their picturesque bays, historical ruins, and sunny beaches.

Just north of Zadar lies the island of Pag, which is connected to the mainland via a bridge. It’s a must-visit as its unique landscape will make you feel as if you’ve just landed on the moon. You just need to see it with your own eyes. And while there, make sure to try the local sheep’s cheese. It’s delicious!

The Zadar islands will certainly take your breath away. Just remember to pack enough sunblock.

Book your luxury villa in Zadar from the experts

We here at Croatia Luxury Rent want to help you to realize your dream Mediterranean vacation. Our hand-picked villas, combined with stunning landscapes, superb weather and the friendly people of Croatia will create a truly unforgettable holiday experience. With us, you can enjoy a low-price guarantee, impeccable service, and safe and secure  payment methods.

Don’t hesitate to contact us: we’ll be happy to assist you in planning your dream vacation.

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