Beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife and ultimate levels of relaxation… Opatija has all this and much more, meaning your next holiday destination is just around the corner. Enjoy your relaxing and luxurious accommodation, explore the town and enjoy its many wellness centres. Discover all our luxury villas in Opatija now.

Opatija - The Pearl of the Adriatic

Opatija has been known by many names, including The Pearl of Adriatic or The Queen of Tourism. As Nice is for France, so is Opatija for Croatia. This charming town in Kvarner bay is one of the oldest bastions of organised tourism in Croatia. For over 100 years, Opatija has attracted an abundant number of tourists thanks to its rich touristic attractions and its convenient location.

Why rent a villa in Opatija?

Location, location, location! Located at the border between Kvarner and Istria, Opatija is easily reachable via the nearby airports in Rijeka, Pula, Krk and Trieste (Italy). But you mustn’t just stop by on your way to different destination! Stay for a while and enjoy all there is to do here!

If you want to get to know the town, there’s no better way than to rent one of our villas in Opatija. Its coveted location, situated between the Učka mountain and the Adriatic Sea, protects Opatija from the wind's elements and grants the town its pleasant year-round climate. This made Opatija popular among the Austro-Hungarian nobility during the 19th century – and the influence of that is visible and enjoyable to this day.

Walk through historical residences and villas in Opatija and let the magic of the place bring you back to the fairy tale life of the former aristocracy. Many ancient villas are now beautiful luxury hotels ready to make your visit unforgettable.

Here are just a few of the amenities that await you in Opatija:

Villa Angiolina: the first villa in Opatija

The first holiday home in Opatija was built 174 years ago, in 1844. Villa Angiolina hosted many influential historical figures, including Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Maria Anna. Surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden, this architectural gem is the mould for more modern villas in Opatija. Tourism might have started in Opatija in 1844, but the comfort and luxury its guests can enjoy includes all modern amenities for an unforgettable vacation.

Opatija’s seaside promenade: Lungomare

If you decide to visit beautiful Opatija, you will surely take a stroll along its seaside walk (named after the emperor) Franz Joseph I Promenade. Commonly referred to as Lungomare, this coastal promenade measures 10 kilometres in length and stretches along the entire Opatija Riviera. Imagine waking up in your villa in Opatija and enjoying the fresh sea air and romantic atmosphere of the Mediterranean landscape.

On your stroll, don't forget to stop and admire the sculpture of the Maiden with the Seagull. This a must-sea attraction depicting a young girl with a seagull perched on her palm. Arguably the most iconic symbol of Opatija, the Maiden with the Seagull was made by Zvonko Car in 1956.

Chocolate Festival and Open-Air Theatre

If you’re looking for excitement, Opatija is the place to be. Enjoy the traditional Chocolate Festival that populates hotels, cafés and restaurants of extravagant edible creations every year. But don’t forget to take a picture of the chocolate statues before you take a bite!

There is more than one way to plan your holiday in Opatija. For the most well-read of our villas’ guests, we can whole-heartedly recommend the magnificent Open-Air Theatre in Angiolina Park, especially during the summer Opatija Festival. Find your perfect villa in Opatija and start planning your cultural visit of Croatia.

A wellness spa a short walk from your villa

The mild climate has always been one of Opatija's most beloved features. Franz Joseph I declared Opatija a spa town as early as 1889 and throughout the years Opatija has seen a rise in wellness resorts and spa to the current impressive offer. Choose one of our villas in Opatija and enjoy all the wellness services the town has to offer.

After a full day of activities and sightseeing, nothing beats the relaxation and pampering you’ll get in one of the well-equipped facilities in Opatija. Look at all our villas in Opatija. Which one is closest to the wellness centre of your choice?

Superb luxury villas in Opatija

The reasons to choose a luxury villa in Opatija are many, so there’s no reason not to plan your perfect and relaxing holiday in Opatija today. After a day of sunbathing at the beautiful Croatian beaches, you can look forward to enjoying a nutritious meal at one of the many restaurants. The local cuisine is just as impressive as the architectonical beauty of the historical old town. Couple your excursions with well-planned spa breaks and truly make the most out of your Opatija stay.

The Pearl of the Adriatic will truly have proven deserving of its name by the end of your stay. Our villas in Opatija are worthy of the most demanding European high society and do not skimp on modern comfort. What are you waiting for? Book now!

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