Beautiful Opatija, “The Grande Dame" and “The Queen of Tourism” are just some of the epithets that embellish this charming town that exudes elegance and luxury. Renting villas in Opatija is a dream comes true for many, and not without reason.

For many years, Opatija has been a fashionable resort with abundant tourist offer so you can visit it at any time of the year, and thanks to good transport connections, it is even easier if you’re coming from Central Europe. Nearby are the airports in Rijeka, Pula, Krk and Trieste, Italy. However, in order to get to know Opatija and understand the benefits of renting villas in Opatija, one must first examine its location.

Opatija - the pearl of the Adriatic

This city of 12,000 inhabitants has been attracting guests from around the world for over 170 years because of its mild Mediterranean climate due to its geographical location. It is located at the foot of Mount Ucka, which, along with the Riviera, protects Opatija from the wind and thus creates a favorable climate throughout the year, which has made Opatija on the list of fashionable spas already in the 19th century and is often compared to the French town Nice. Villas in Opatija allow their guests to be treated in one of the most beautiful places in Kvarner.

Villa Angiolina

1844 is considered to be the year of the beginning of tourism in Opatija because it is also the year when the imposing Villa Angiolina was built - the oldest tourist object in Croatia that was visited by famous and rich people from Europe like dancer Isidora Duncan, Austrian Empress Maria Ana and Emperor Francis Joseph I. Surrounded by botanical garden, this imposing architectural creation is a kind of role model for all the villas in Opatija that will later emerge and compete in luxury and beauty to give their guests an unforgettable vacation.


If you decide to visit beautiful Opatija, you will surely take a stroll along the sea called Lungomare. This 12 kilometer coastal promenade stretches along the entire Opatija Riviera - from Volosko through Opatija, Icici, Ika to port Lovran. This is a favorite promenade of all the inhabitants of Opatija and their guests who can enjoy the fresh sea air and the aroma of Mediterranean plants, which create a special romantic atmosphere combined with historical sites, beautiful villas, small cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea. One of the must-see sculptures is certainly the Girl with the Seagull, as well as the symbol of Opatija and Kvarner.

Climatic health resort

As early as the 19th century, Opatija was one of the favorite spas for high society in the winter months and was proclaimed a climate spa. If you enjoy the magic of the villas in Opatija, you can improve your health and refine your body and mind by visiting one of the many clinics for treatment, prevention and rehabilitation. This form of health tourism is no novelty, and your vacation will be enriched with numerous amenities and a rich tourist offer.

Superb luxury

The old villas in Opatija, built for high European society, have today been renovated to continue to shine in full splendor or became hotels and luxury properties. And indeed, Opatija really strives to provide its guests with the best of the best - from superb gastronomy, cultural and historical heritage and entertainment facilities to the latest medical solutions - villas in Opatija are synonymous with all of the above and more - thanks to the splendid architecture, charming views of the city and romantic atmosphere that exudes the elegance of times gone by.

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