The city of Labin is located in the eastern part of the beautiful Istrian peninsula. The city itself is not directly on the coast, but regardless of its location, it has a beautiful view of the sea that extends from the hills on which the city developed. Labin is only 3 kilometers away from the sea. The view from the old town is fascinating. Since the city is on a fairly high hill, you can enjoy the idyllic view of the sea or part of the Istrian peninsula and the surrounding area.

This very special city and its location gives you the feeling of being able to encompass Istria and part of Kvarner with your bare hand. The lights of the cute places around Labin shine like a sea of ​​fireflies at night. This impressive sight is just one of many that you can watch from your villas in Labin. The Istrian peninsula is characterized by an unusual combination of Mediterranean climate and vegetation that differs from the entire Adriatic coast. The city of Labin itself is surrounded by forests and you will enjoy the freshest air even on warm summer days. It is entirely up to you whether you want to rent villas in Labin and enjoy all the amenities of this city.

Villas in Labin - 3 reasons to book today

1. Istria - a simple and easily accessible travel destination

The Istrian peninsula in the north of the country is an attractive travel destination for all European countries that surround it and are in the immediate vicinity. The proximity of Italy, Slovenia and Austria is the reason for the very early development of tourism in this area and for the construction of magnificent villas, which the emperors already enjoyed in their time.

Excellent transport links, the proximity to the capitals of Europe and the easy accessibility of the entire Istrian peninsula should be reason enough to choose the numerous villas in Labin. Long journeys and traffic jams are the most common feature at the start of every vacation. A vacation should never be exhausting, everything should be easy. Remember that when you think about your next travel destination. Remember that choosing Labin as your travel destination will give you a carefree start to your vacation with a short and mostly enjoyable trip.

The towns on the Istrian peninsula are well connected by the country roads and the Ypsilon highway. This highway, which stretches from east, west and south across all three sides of Istria, allows you to quickly reach all the towns and places you can visit if you choose to relax under the sun of the villas in Labin.

If you are arriving from distant countries and would like to arrive at your destination easily, the airport in Pula, just 43 kilometers from Labin, offers you a safe and fast way to spend your vacation in the picturesque town of Labin.

2. Labin - a unique city

Everything in the beautiful and unique city of Labin exudes centuries of history and tradition. With every step you come across medieval, renaissance and baroque buildings. Many churches, chapels and palaces will cross your path. Take a full day to visit this beautiful historical heritage, leave the shadows of the villas in Labin and enjoy one of the most beautiful old towns you will see in Istria.

The amazing fact is that Labin is a small town, but in terms of the number of attractions you can visit and see, it can compete with the much larger towns on the entire Adriatic coast. If you choose to rent villas in Labin, you will enjoy all the advantages that a city has to offer, but in a quiet environment. Since the word rest is mostly associated with the word vacation, a vacation in Labin offers it all - all inclusive. This offer is really difficult to reject.

3. Labin and Rabac - a fabulous combination

If you want to exchange sunbathing by the pool of your villas in Labin for crystal clear sea, be sure to go to Rabac. The fairytale bay, together with the already mentioned special vegetation of this region, will convince you that nature is the greatest and inexhaustible source of human admiration. This will also convince you that there is nothing incompatible. It will convince you that there are still many undiscovered beauties in the world.

Rabac was once a small fishing village, which has developed into a holiday resort due to its attractive location and beautiful bay. A small town with just a few houses has gradually become a popular travel destination and a place where the most beautiful holiday homes are built. Rabac, just 5 minutes by car from Labin, can become a daily excursion for you to bathe in the bay of the same name and enjoy the delicacies of this area.

We don't want to give away too much, we want you to have room for exploration, surprises and admiration during your vacation in Labin. We pack all of these into our Labin All Inclusive Package. Labin will surely broaden your horizons, enrich you. Get an idea of ​​this beautiful area, find the last puzzle that is missing for the perfect vacation, rent the beautiful villas in Labin.

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