Welcome to Trogir! You may not know this yet, but trust us, you are very lucky that you have decided to stay in one of the villas in Trogir. This city is great. It is the only town on the Adriatic coast that has completely preserved its medieval appearance over the centuries. While others felt the forces of nature and man, Trogir was circumvented by this fate. So this city has the best preserved old town, which is even on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Do we have to explain further? The city is really special. Although it is a relatively small town, it is perhaps one of the most impressive on the entire Adriatic coast.

Prominent figures who visited Trogir are Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. The English king who abdicated from the British throne to marry the fatal Wallis. It turned out that he had made no mistake in deciding to leave everything and marry the love of his life. The fact that Edward and Wallis chose Trogir alongside all the cities shows that they really had a sophisticated taste and style.

Do not think too much, be spontaneous and impulsive and decide to villas in Trogir today. There are countless reasons for this.

Trogir – great location

The city of Trogir is located in Central Dalmatia on the way to Split and is only 25 km away from it. The Trogir area stretches from the mainland to the islands, which include the islands of Čiovo, Drvenik Veli and Drvenik Mali. Trogir has an excellent geographical location as it is close to the largest Dalmatian center. So you can enjoy the tranquility of a small town like Trogir, but also the advantages of a larger town like Split. Modern and rustic villas in Trogir will take your breath away.

On the mainland it is surrounded by the municipality of Seget in the west and by Kaštela in the east. It is connected to the island of Čiovo by a bridge in the immediate vicinity of the old town. Regardless of the peculiarities and beauties of the city of Trogir, you should not miss visiting Split during your stay. Believe us when we tell you that with your stay in Trogir you have chosen the best possible position on the Adriatic. And the dreamlike villas will further confirm our theory!

In addition to its great location, Trogir has an ideal connection to all European cities. Nearby is Split Airport, which gives you a quick and safe way to visit Trogir and its surroundings all year round.

Trogir - a city full of life

Those who want to rent beautiful villas in Trogir will be amazed by the dynamism of this city.

The city of Trogir offers a variety of activities that will enrich your vacation.

For all lovers of sea tourism, the ACI Marina offers countless opportunities to sail through one of the most interesting cruise destinations in the world. The marina offers you the best service and allows you to enrich your stay with new cultural and gastronomic amenities. If you decide to leave your comfort of the villas in Trogir, visit the ACI Marina and let the friendly staff put together your optimal sailing route and fulfill all your nautical desires. In addition to the opportunity to sail, you have the opportunity to dive and discover the beautiful underwater world of the Adriatic.

Numerous bike paths offer you the opportunity to explore the mainland and the islands along and across. Enjoy a bike tour and the scents of Dalmatian herbs and choose your resting places on the numerous beautiful beaches and bays. The clean sea and untouched nature are one of the characteristics that distinguish this region in a special way.

If you are vacationing on the Adriatic coast, villas in Trogir are the ideal choice for your accommodation. You can enjoy the wonderful surroundings of untouched culture and history as well as the wonderful untouched nature.

Numerous restaurants in the old town take you on a gourmet tour of this area. Dalmatian herbs and spices give each dish a special touch. Enjoy great food and excellent wine from the Trogir gastronomy.

Since the inhabitants of Trogir have been known for centuries for medicinal herbs and their use, we are sure that you will come home enriched with new insights and knowledge. It is interesting that the first pharmacy in Europe was opened in Trogir.

For centuries, the inhabitants of this city have been dealing with agriculture and fruit growing. Tourism in this area began to develop in the 1930s and the first villas were built to offer their guests maximum comfort.

Villas in Trogir and surroundings

Countless tourists visit Trogir and its surroundings every year. If you ask someone who has visited Trogir what he likes the most about the city, the answer is certainly not an easy one. It is difficult to decide which church is more beautiful and which palace is more impressive. St. Lovre's Cathedral is a hallmark of the city and one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic coast.

Villas in Trogir allow you to enjoy a city from a medieval fairytale and enjoy nature like from a picture book. In the beautiful surrounding towns and islands you have the opportunity to enjoy complete peace. On the islands even in a kind of Robinson tourism. The islands of Trogir still have the pristine and unspoiled nature that people are so eagerly looking for today. What man destroyed himself and can hardly be found anywhere today. The good news is that we can tell you where to find it. Look no further. You can find everything in and around Trogir. Villas in Trogir offer you an unforgettable holiday, everything you dream and hope for. Believe us, everything we mentioned here is real. Convince yourself, you have a chance! If you are brave enough to follow our advice, don't think too much, just act. Our thoughts do not lead us to pleasure, only our actions bring us unforgettable experiences. Act now, visit Trogir.

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