Dalmatia - one of the most beautiful regions of Croatia abounds in beautiful islands, centuries-old cities, mountain landscapes, rivers, national parks, countless bays and beaches. Every step will lead you to picturesque Mediterranean cities intertwined with small cobbled streets and attractive lungo mare promenades. The historical monuments of Dalmatia are completely preserved, dating back to Roman times and medieval culture. You will gain the feeling that you have traveled to another time, when this area was a center of trade, transit and encounters of various cultures. At every step you will have the opportunity to feel a breath of history and culture of this area. Dalmatia is a very tourist-oriented environment that wants to show the world all its riches, beauty and value.

The Natural Beauty of Dalmatia

Nature lovers will be delighted by the large selection of National Parks. Krka, Kornati, Northern Velebit, Paklenica and Mljet are real oases for adventurers and mountaineers. Admire Paklenica and northern Velebit, the beautiful Krka waterfalls and the vertical cliffs of the Kornati archipelago. There are also ten nature parks along Dalmatia that are a perfect destination for a picnic or a trip during the holidays. The offer includes various activities such as rafting, hiking, bungee jumping and diving.

Dalmatian towns have been ranked among the top destinations for years and are perfect for all those who prefer sea air and beach holidays. Hidden coves and beautiful public beaches with crystal clear sea are located at every step of the Dalmatian coast and islands. Each Dalmatian center prepares its season in a unique way, and complements it with a diverse daily and evening entertainment program that includes excursions and various activities. Let's discover together the abundance that awaits you in Dalmatia.

What to See in Zadar

Zadar County abounds in natural beauties of various shapes. Beautiful beaches of small coastal towns, such as Sukosan, Biograd na Moru, Petrcane and Nin invite you to all-day relaxation with the sounds of the sea. Along with beautiful beaches, the historic part of Zadar and its surroundings is definitely worth experiencing and exploring. Take your time and visit the unique church of St. Donat dating back to the 7th century, the beautiful and magnificent Cathedral of St. Stošija and its bell tower with a view of the entire Zadar and the islands of the Zadar channel, and the Archaeological Museum of the city of Zadar. In addition to the Archaeological Museum, it is definitely worth visiting the Gold and Silver collection of the city of Zadar, which is carefully preserved by the Zadar Benedictine nuns. There is also the Museum of Ancient Glass, a fairly newer and fresh museum. Kalelarga, formerly known as Cale Larga, is the main street of the old peninsula, which is also an unavoidable route for romantic walks with ice cream. A walk through the peninsula will take you to the famous and unique Zadar waterfront, which the famous Alfred Hitchcook fell in love with. Along with the fresh sea air and unforgettable sunsets on the waterfront, there is also a unique installation called the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun. With the help of waves, the sea organ produces a soothing and stunning melody that will forever remind you of one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia. Greeting to the Sun is a part of the installation that entertains the present society with its vivid colors and symbolically greets the Sun at dusk. The city walls have recently been included on the UNESCO list of protected material heritage and deserve one long walk. Although Zadar is known for its old sights and buildings, you will also come across beautiful parks such as Vladimir Nazor Park or Queen Jelena Park, which were built and nurtured by the rulers of a past time.

In the immediate vicinity of Zadar you will find the magnificent mountain Velebit. Posedarje and Starigrad have found their place at the foot of Velebit, thus creating the characteristics of a destination for lovers of active holidays and adventurers. The location that connects the view of the magnificent Velebit and the sea will delight even the most severe critics.

What to See in Šibenik-Knin

Šibenik-Knin County can really boast of its quality tourist offer. The old center of Šibenik will delight lovers of architecture, while untouched nature and indented coastline will delight nature lovers. Let yourself be delighted by the magnificent Cathedral of St. Jakov, which is also on the UNESCO list of protected cultural heritage. It is the work of the famous master Juraj Dalmatinac, who was once admired by the whole world. It is also worth visiting the interesting fortress of St. Nicholas, the fortress of St. Mihovil, the monastery Mediterranean garden of St. Lawrence and the old town with ramparts. A perfect example of a getaway destination is the island of Murter, which is connected to the mainland and abounds in beautiful beaches and secluded places in nature. Furthermore, not far away from Šibenik, there are towns of Primosten and Vodice for lovers of smaller Mediterranean towns with beautiful beaches and forests. In Vodice, be sure to visit the aquarium and the museum of maritime tradition.

What to See in Split-Damatia

Split-Dalmatia County covers a really wide area. The most popular destinations within this beautiful county are Rogoznica, Makarska, Split and the islands of Hvar, Korcula and Brac.

In Rognoznica, 54 km of beautiful coastline and beaches await you. Old stone houses give the Rogoznica waterfront a real Mediterranean atmosphere. Rogoznica is the right destination for all boaters as Rogoznica port is known as the safest port on the Adriatic due to its geographical position. Not far from Rogoznica, you will find the beautiful city of Makarska. It is a beautiful place at the foot of the mountain Biokovo where the sun shines an incredible 2750 hours a year. Adventurers will have fun hiking and making trips to the mountain Biokovo, while lovers of beaches and forest promenades will enjoy the coastal part of Makarska. The center of the Split-Dalmatia County is the city of Split, which is often called the pearl of Dalmatia. This claim is supported by many archaeological sites, beautiful monuments and the remains of the former Roman Empire. Take a walk along the beautiful Split waterfront, meet Diocletian's Palace - the former seat of Emperor Diocletian, the bell tower of St. Duje with a breathtaking view, the church of St. Trinity, beautiful Procurators, etc. If you want a break from the architecture and city bustle, visit the park forest Marjan. During the walks you will enjoy the beautiful nature and the magnificent view of Split and the Split archipelago. In addition to the towns on the mainland, islands Hvar, Brač and Korčula are also very popular. Ferry lines from Split regularly connect these islands with the mainland. During your visit to Hvar, visit Milna, Jelsa and Sucuraj - towns with beautiful lavender fields, olive groves and vineyards. The beautiful beach Duboraj near Milna has been known for years as one of the most beautiful beaches in this area. On the island of Brač, visit the famous Brač quarry whose stone was built into the White House in Washington and the Diocletian's Palace in Split. The oldest place on the island is Škrip, a remnant of an Illyrian settlement from the 3rd century. It is also worth visiting the Blaca desert monastery, on inaccessible terrain but with many interesting stories and museums. In addition to cultural assets, Brac abounds in beautiful forests and beaches, the most famous of which is Zlatni bol. The beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear sea is a favorite among windsurfers because of the favorable winds. Korcula is an old historic island, with the city surrounded by walls. Beside monuments, it is certainly worth to mention the Gothic-Renaissance church of St. Mark, the town hall, as well as the Franciscan monastery from the 15th century. Like Brac and Hvar, Korcula abounds in beautiful beaches and nature. Korcula also boasts a rich cultural tradition. Many events on the island are suitable to introduce you to the cultural background of this beautiful island.

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