Omiš is a town located in the heart of Dalmatia at the mouth of the river Cetina, only 21 kilometers away from the largest Dalmatian city of Split. During the 19th century, many luxury villas in Omiš were built.

About Omiš

Omiš is a town located in the heart of Dalmatia at the mouth of the river Cetina, only 21 kilometers away from the largest Dalmatian city of Split. The first settlement mentioned in history in the Omiš area is the settlement Oneum from the beginning of the 7th century. The people of Omiš at that time were famous pirates. In the Middle Ages, the city of Omiš was ruled by the Kačić princes who led the attacks of the pirates of Omiš against the merchant ships of Venice, Dubrovnik, Split and Kotor for two centuries. In order to stop the attacks, merchant ships had to pay tribute in order to let them sail peacefully into their territory. Today, the trail of pirates is visible in two forts, Mirabella (Peovica) and Starigrad (Fortica), from which you can see the entire Omiš, the Brač Channel and the islands of Brač, Hvar and Šolta. Guests visiting luxury villas in Omiš are happy to take the time to visit the fortresses to experience the traces of pirates from ancient times. For their attacks, the pirates of Omiš used boars on paddles, which were shallow drafts so that they could quickly retreat into the riverbed of Cetina in case of emergency.

On the official coat of arms of the City of Omiš there is a cross and a mace, a cross as a symbol of Christianity and a mace as a symbol of struggle. At the beginning of the 20th century, Omiš began industrial and tourism development. The most famous Croatian lingerie factory Galeb is located in Omiš. Omiš is also known for two old crafts, sand extraction and boat building. In Omiš you can see many cultural monuments like the Church of Sv. Peter, first mentioned in 1074. Today there are 8 churches in the town of Omiš and its surroundings. The parish church in Omiš is dedicated to St. Mihovil a was built in the early 17th century. On the walls of the church there are coats of arms of Venetian flames and the coat of arms of the City of Omiš, which can also be seen on the houses of wealthier families. During the 19th century, many luxury villas in Omiš were built. Particularly noteworthy is the rock house so-called The house of the happy man named after the Latin inscription on it: Thank you Lord, for being in this world.

Dalmatian Klapa Festival in Omiš

The Dalmatian Klapa Festival has been held in Omiš for 53 years. It was first organized in 1967 and was aimed on meeting groups of singers who would otherwise spontaneously meet and sing during the tourist season. In the same way they do it at a festival only in front of an audience. This is spontaneous singing by ear rather than by a notepad and unaccompanied instrument or A cappella performance. Guests who visit luxury villas in Omiš are frequent visitors to this festival. Klapa singing is only a little refined, but it is extremely attractive and authentic.

So far, over 1250 titles have been performed at the Omiš Festival over the years. Every year the choirs compete at the festival in order to win the main prize. The winners are awarded the Gold, Silver and Bronze shield with the historic coat of arms of the City of Omiš. While visiting luxury villas in Omiš, be sure to visit the Dalmatian Klapa Festival and enjoy the beautiful melody of voices. In 1991, a special evening of female singing groups began, competing with men's singing groups by then. During more than 50 years of the festival, more than 4000 singers and over 470 singing groups performed in Omiš.

Adrenaline sports in Omiš

If you are a fan of adrenaline then a visit to luxury villas in Omiš is the right choice for you. Omiš is a city where you can enjoy the sea, water, mountains and air in the same place. The activities on offer in Omiš are tailored for all ages. From the very center of the city of Omiš through Baučići to Fortica Fort, there is a one-hour walk. The fort offers a magnificent view of the entire city, the Cetina River Canyon and the Croatian islands of Hvar, Brač and Šolta. You can also climb the stairs to the 13th-century Mirabella Fort, which overlooks the entire Brač Channel. In addition to these two, there are another dozen themed trails in Omiš. The city is surrounded by hills that have historically served humans as a natural protection against the enemy, while today they are an ideal location for hiking, excursion and trekking.

There is also a 3-hour and 2 kilometars long zipline across the Cetina Canyon at a height of 100 meters in offer. Tourists visiting luxury villas in Omiš often go rafting on the Cetina River. Rafting is suitable for children and the elderly, and for adrenaline lovers there is another route available on river rapids. In addition to rafting on the Cetina River, you can also enjoy kayaking in one or two seater. Canyoning is another activity to choose from. This is a combination of walking along or through the Cetina River, swimming under waterfalls and mastering river rapids. In Omiš and its surroundings there are one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

Diving is one of the activities that you should definitely experience while visiting luxury villas in Omiš. Near the central city beach, just 3 meters deep, there is a sunken WWII ship. Just below the town center in Vrulja bay there is an underwater spring. It is a place of mixing fresh and saltwater that is rich in fish. At this point it is possible to dive to 100 meters deep and the bottom is almost unexplored since no expedition could determine exactly at what depth the source of Vrulja is. There are also several winsurfing schools in the City of Omiš. Thanks to the warm winds that blow almost constantly in Omiš, you can enjoy windsurfing almost every day while visiting luxury villas in Omiš.

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