Motovun is located on a hill on the Istrian peninsula. Istria has many associations for a relaxing holiday. With its enchanting nature, this peninsula has many more secrets for perfect relaxation that you have yet to discover. Motovun is definitely one of those secrets. In addition to the film festival, which brings the magic of the festival into this quiet area every summer, restaurants boast a selection of truffle dishes from the nearby forests.

Location and History of Motovun

Motovun is named after the Celtic words of Monton - meaning a city in the mountains. This medieval town has only 1000 inhabitants and is located in the north of Istria, near the towns of Buzet and Pazin. It is located in the valley of the longest Istrian river Mirna, and is proud to be the name of the best preserved medieval fortress of the Istrian peninsula.

While choosing villas in Motovun, you might also be intrigued by the historical story. The history of the town of Motovun begins in the ancient times. The first inhabitants to leave their traces in this area settled this area before 3500 and 2200 BC. After the Romans, the rule over the town of Motovun changed until Venice gained power in the second half of the 13th century, and for five centuries it strongly influenced the culture, and thus the history of Motovun.

The city has preserved its medieval appearance to this day and is divided into three parts: at the very top is the oldest part, then goes the Suburbs and the newer part is called Gradiciol.

Villas in Motovun - all the wealth of offer

In Motovun and its surroundings there are a large number of villas and autochthonous holiday homes that have preserved the traditional Istrian style. Due to the characteristics of this area, many villas located on the hills of the Mirna River provide a unique view of nature that will definitely give you a wow effect.

Entertaining content

Apart from the beautiful architecture that is visible when looking at the villas in Motovun, movie lovers will definitely find something for themselves in this city. The city is full of events, festivals, concerts and sporting events.

Reasons why guests of the villas in Motovun eagerly await events in and around Motovun:

Motovun Film Festival - Motovun is proud of its many events, and one of the most famous is certainly the film festival. Motovun Film Festival was created in 1999 to support independent productions and films produced in small cinemas. The festival runs for a few days at the end of July, and the screenings of the films run until 4am in the open. The festival retained its casual atmosphere, and today it has gained a great, not only European but also world significance.

Teran and Truffle Festival - this festival is organized for the purpose of promoting and gathering local winemakers in one place who produce a teran, an indigenous Istrian wine variety. Various truffle dishes are prepared in local restaurants (underground Istrian treasure).

Veli Jože Festival - a festival oriented towards children, with an emphasis on world literature and stories about giants.

Paragliding - In 2012, a paragliding runway was opened, and thanks to the Mediterranean climate, it is possible to fly all year round. Take a break and enjoy the view of Motovun's 1000 year old walls. Choosing one of the villas in Motovun is especially exciting when you think of such an adventure trip.

Nearby attractions and historical sites

Motovun forest

Motovun Forest is one of the 3 preserved lowland floodplains of pedunculate oak, oak and elm in the Mediterranean. During the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the trees of the Motovun forest were used for the construction of ships, and today the forest has been declared a forest reservoir and any intervention is prohibited. It is also a unique finding of one of the most expensive foods in the world - white truffles.


Parenzana is a railway that operated in Istria in the 20th century, connecting Trieste and Poreč, and with its 123 km length it enabled the development of the poorest parts of Istria. Due to the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian and World War I, the bus was later introduced as a cheaper means of transport. The railroad lost its original value. After some sections were restored, Parenzana is the most famous cycling and walking trail in Istria.

Church of St. Stephen

The Baroque church of St. Stephen was erected on the foundations of an older church dating from the 11th century, probably the early Christian basilica. This parish church is the work of renowned Venetian architect Andrea Palladio. It is located on Andrea Antia's Main Square.


The Motovun bell tower reaches a height of 27 meters and was built in the 13th century, where it had the main role of an observation post and a tower.


Fine wine lovers will have the opportunity to try top quality wines. Of course, wine tasting in the comfort of the villas in Motovun is also recommended. In the vicinity of Motovun there are vineyards with well-known Istrian wine varieties such as malvazija and red teran.

The rest of the offer

- Try a Vespa tour with a guide to vineyards and olive groves.

- In the vicinity there are Istrian spa, thermal spa with medicinal water, offer of spa packages is included.

- You must also try Boškarin, a meat specially grown on this peninsula, which is a true gourmet delicacy.

Do not hesitate to find villas in Motovun and take the first step to ensure your dream accommodation.

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