The heart of well-deserved vacation is luxury villa with pool on great location. There is wide range of variety of villas to rent for families and group of friends in Croatia.

Having that in mind, there are lots of options for luxurious vacation. Stylish with modern touch or rustic and charming villas on our beautiful Dalmatian coastline compete in elegance and lavishness. Whether you imagine yourself far away from city crowd or you want to be in the center of beautiful coastal town, it is a great task to find a luxury house to rent.

Just the idea of lounging by the infinity pool on a hot summer day with a view on nearby Croatian islands and dreaming blue sea is a perfect start for planning your dream vacation. There are lots villas in Croatia that can guarantee an ultimate relaxation for those who want to enjoy in modernly designed villas and have an authentic experience.

Villas in Croatia for perfect vacation

Holiday Villas along the Adriatic coast offer variety of luxury accommodation for all tastes and types of vacation. There are private villas with secluded gardens, family villas with pools, urban villas in heart of attractive city areas like Zadar, Šibenik, Split or Dubrovnik, as well as rustic beauties in rural and coastal region of Istria.

Where to go in Croatia depends on your needs, expectations and your fellow travelers wants in search of luxury house to rent. Last minute booking can surprise you with last minute discount but to secure your dream holiday villa, lots of people book in advance and start to plan their holiday itinerary upfront. However, if that is too much planning for you, refreshing cocktail while gazing at mesmerizing sunset is always great option.

Family villa holidays are one of the typical types of vacation in demand. It is not only important to find the luxury house to rent that will be the perfect fit for the whole family but also it has to offer good location with good traffic connectivity, various leisure activities in the surrounding area as well as wide range of amenities and facilities in the villa itself.

Holiday villas to rent in Croatia are not located all along the gorgeous coastline but also in the inland of Croatia where you can taste the different gastronomy, climate, architecture and nature. However, during the summer season, the most wanted luxury houses are located in the vicinity of the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea.

Luxury holiday in Croatia

If you want to really pamper yourself, there are top notch villas in luxury holiday destinations with an on-site villa manager or housekeeping on hand that will ensure all your needs are met.

Whether you’re in search for magical sea view, hidden gems in secluded island bay, high end stylish villa or a luxury house to rent designed for ultimate family holiday, don’t forget to contact our team to help you in your search for your perfect dream holiday house so you can make the most of your vacation.