The exceptional richness of northern Istria is a wonderful experience that you will find in an impressive view from the tops of its hills, historical monuments, and admire the flavors and aromas of this beautiful part of the Adriatic. This beautiful city abounds in renovated historical architecture that you will recognize in various monuments of the past time, or forms of accommodation such as romantic villas in Buzet. Let's discover Buzet and all its riches.

Villas in Buzet - the historical treasury of this area

The town of Buzet is one of several medieval Istrian towns. The Romans called this fortified town Pinquentum, and after the arrival of the Slavs it was settled by Slovenes and Croats. For all history and antique lovers, it is advisable to visit the "Antique Saturday". This interesting event shows Buzet what it once looked like in the old days. Old artisanal workshops (bakeries, blacksmiths, handicrafts, etc.) are opening up, where craftsmen, artisans, traditional music instrumentalists, chimney sweepers and many others bring to life the spirit of old times. This is definitely something you should not miss.

The castle, also called the hairy fortress, surrounds this beautiful city and is situated on a hill between Buzet and Livade. At the very castle on the hill, there used to be a big building and the chapel of St. Of Mary Magdalene. History tells the story that there were numerous betrayals, gambling, frauds and love stories among the rich as the population at the foot of these walls worked hard to live the day trough.

The small town of Hum is located near Buzet, also called the smallest city in the world, and is thought to be made of the rest of the stones in the construction of other cities. It kept resistance from the Venetians and Turks, and there are Glagolitic monuments at the entrance to the city. It is also called the town of “biska”, which is the local name for mistletoe brandy, which is an indigenous product of Hum.

On the other hand, there is also the small town of Roč. The first Illyrian settlement that later became a Roman “castrum”. In the middle Ages this city was fortified and became the center of literacy and printing. Roč today is a city that is decorated in the Venetian style, and is a monument of Glagolitism in Istria.

The rich historical heritage of this region is fertile ground for traditional tourism. Beautiful forts transformed into beauties that exude the spirit of a bygone era are villas in Buzet and around it. These stone renovated villas are as technologically equipped as any other modern villa, giving their guests a complete experience of romance and comfort. We are sure that everyone who visits this area will certainly not be disappointed with the accommodation offer.

Villas in Buzet - Discovering Natural beauties

This beautiful small town surrounded by the river Mirna will enchant you with its natural beauties, quality traditional gastronomy and various possibilities for fun and active vacation. Paragliding on the Rapadalica, mountain biking, free climbing, trekking are some of the options that you can fill your time with.

Stay on the Buzet - Kotli - Hum footpath and discover the natural secrets, canyons, troughs and water mills. Take part in Istra Trek, a racing event organized every year at a different location and explore the hills and impassable forests.

You can also participate in the race for the famous brand, Istrian truffles. There is an organized race for finding Istrian truffles, called Truffle Hunting, which is a combination of moutin biking and trekking. In addition, there is an Istrian Truffle Weekend where you can taste this unique aphrodisiac at a culinary show where Buzet's caterers prepare traditional truffle dishes.

This scenery is surrounded by beautiful greenery, colors and scents of nature where you can usually find wonderful accommodation for your stay. This is what makes the villas in Buzet unique, in the interior of Istria everything is again at your fingertips, while on the other hand, privacy and peace are preserved while you are surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape. In this area you can find both traditional and modern villas for all tastes, beautifully combined to maximize all the benefits of the landscape that surrounds you and provide a relaxing holiday you have never had before.

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